On different ways to brew beer

The way of brewing beer is peculiar and differs among different peoples. Some ways of doing it are faster, some slower; some do bigger batches, some do smaller. In the making of wine, this is also common. In Scandinavia they use large kettles and tanks. A little strange practice can be found here. Baking and brewing has in fact been assigned exclusively to women, and are among their most important tasks. This does not apply at the princes' court, in wealthy men's houses or at large gatherings. Women are namely conscientious and lengthy in their tasks, so that no suspicion is directed at them. The women also handle cooking so well that the husbands not only enjoy the food, but also gain better health from it. They also have great expertise in how to treat barley and other grains, and what powers and impact it makes. Same with the hops. If it does not boil enough – and thus get rid of their hoarseness – it's no good for you, but give you diseases, harmful to your nerves. When the hops – garden hops – are believed to have been boiled enough, you take a sample with a little straw bunch by dipping it in the decoction. If it's sticky and have a strong beast taste when you take it up, it is ready-cooked. From this you get a healthy additive for all the sweet substances, which can advantageously be used in appropriate beverages.

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